We are pioneer manufacturers in Pakistan of seedling tray. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is capable of producing one million units per annum.

  • Seedling Tray-200 Holes
    Seedling Tray-200 Holes

    As people have higher and higher demands for quality and needs of vegetables. Whether flowers or vegetables, seedling tray is a transformation of modern gardening and commercial agricultural, provides a guarantee for fast and large volume production....

  • Seedling Tray-128 Holes
    Seedling Tray-128 Holes

    Plastic trays are used for raising seedlings in any place of convenience. To grow the seedlings there, the trays must be field with a sterile growth media such as peat moss and each cell is responsible for raising 1 plant. This is a perfect way to raise seedlings in its own cell/hole thus no competition....